What is the process?

Step 1 – Prepare for the Intake Interview

  • Schedule an intake interview with Visit Your Child.
  • Complete the intake interview before any visits begin.
  • Supply the supervised visitation monitor with documents, including a current court order.


Step 2 – The Intake Interview

Each parent must come to a separate intake interview to discuss:

  • Guidelines for the visitation.
  • The services to be provided and the behavior expected of all participants.
  • Times, dates, and places will be discussed, per the court order.
  • Fees and payment terms.


Step 3 – Visitations

  • Supervised visitation monitor will observe, take notes, and enforce guidelines.
  • Parent and child(ren) will engage in appropriate behavior and have a safe and fun visit.
  • A written record will be kept and be made available upon request for use in court.

(Separate fee for court appearance and production of visitation logs.)